How to weave dreadlocks

Many people love the look of dreadlocks but fear that their hair is too short to wear them. Fortunately, you can easily add extensions to your dreadlocks to make them as long as you’d like. First, purchase synthetic or natural single-ended dreadlock extensions. Next, sew the extension onto your dreadlock and blend it in. Repeat the process until all of your dreadlocks are attached to extensions.

Buy synthetic dreadlocks.

Many people prefer to buy synthetic dreadlock extensions because they’re relatively inexpensive. Synthetic hair is also great for dreadlocks because it tangles easily, creating dreadlocks more quickly. However, you can’t use heat products on synthetic extensions or they will melt. Additionally, you can’t dye or perm synthetic hair extensions.
Purchase pre-dreaded single-ended extensions online or buy synthetic clip-in extensions to dread yourself.
Synthetic dreadlocks and extensions can be bought online or at specialty beauty supply stores.

Buy natural dreadlocks.

If you like using heat products or dyeing your hair, purchase natural extensions. These extensions can be treated like your natural hair. However, keep in mind that these extensions will be much more expensive than synthetic extensions.
Natural dreadlocks and extensions can be found online and at many beauty supply stores.

Avoid buying double-ended dreadlock extensions. These extensions look like long dreadlocks with an un-dreaded section in the middle. Double-ended dreadlock extensions are an excellent choice for people who want more volume in their dreadlocks. However, if they’re installed too tightly, the weight of the extensions will pull on your scalp and lead to hair loss.
If you want these extensions, have them installed professionally.
Instead of choosing double-ended extensions, purchase single-ended extensions or regular extensions that you can dread yourself.

Do the “needle test.” If your dreadlocks are too tight, you may not be able to add extensions on your own. Do the needle test by pushing a needle through a thick section of a dreadlock. If the needle slides though, you can install your own extensions. If it doesn’t, you need to have your extensions professionally installed using dreadlock adhesives.

Installing Your Extensions

Prepare your dreadlocks.
 Your hair should already be dreaded before you put in any extensions. If you have blunted ends on your dreadlocks, cut off the tips and brush them out. You should have one to two inches (2.5-5 centimeters) of loose hair at the ends of your dreadlocks.
Use a fine-toothed comb or small brush to loosen the ends of your dreadlocks.
You can loosen all of the ends at once or do it as you apply the extensions.

Secure the thread into the extension.
 Thread a sewing needle with about 12-14 inches (30-35 centimeters) of thread. Next, sew a few small stitches into the base of the loose section of the dreadlock, close to the dreaded section. Make sure these stitches are as tight as you can make them.
Leave two to three inches (5-7.5 centimeters) of loose thread at the beginning of the stitches so that you can tie them off later.
Purchase sturdy thread that closely matches your hair color.