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Un Coffee Break was created out of the need to help out, share ideas, “less world suck” and chat about life. I’m Abdiel, and this is my blog. I’m a software engineer, musician, gamer, cook, husband, and father – how am I going to mix all of that into a blog… I have no idea, but here I am.

About this guy…

I’ve always had the itch to write, but I never really got behind ‘blogs’. Now that they are almost like telephone lines and sound cassettes, I feel like its the best time to start documenting everything without getting caught in the ‘make money’ fever. Maybe you’ll find something neat to talk about during your coffee break, maybe you’ll find a good tip to share with a buddy, maybe you’re a student or a recent graduate that needs some tips in the software engineering career path, or maybe you’re just interested in the puerto rican lifestyle. The aim is to document life, comment on things that are happening, share some hiccups and how we solved them, peek into the dad-life as we go through all of the ‘hard-stops’, talk hobbies, economy and maybe even share some news.

I’ll be like that guy that starts the conversation in front of the coffee machine, and I hope you’ll join in the conversation. Thank you for having a look and I hope you become a regular. Oh, and yeah… that’s Spanglish in the title – “Un Coffee Break” is literally “a Coffee Break” (so no, I’m not advocating the un-coffee movement).

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

T.S. Eliot