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Entry #3: Somehow I’m making the time

I’m not good at writing these long blog posts – I always tell myself that I just don’t have the time and get anxious about it. But if I’m being honest with myself, I know its not even about the time now, its just pure lazyness. So, the solution is – write it out and get in the habit. Sounds like a plan?  

Lets see if I can do this… 4 weeks ago I had a week off to spend with the family. Super fun week at Disney World in Orlando. We first arrived way too early to even check in to the hotel we reserved, and from that Sunday morning we started our little family vacation – by walking and walking. By the time we went to the parks (Monday) we were already hurting.

The trip was pretty specific; we only had 3 days for Disney, and 4 days to spend around the Orlando area since we only had three day tickets for the parks.

  • Sunday – Disney Springs and learning about the area.
  • Monday – Magic Kingdom until 8PM
  • Tuesday – Florida Mall and the nearby flee markets in Lake Buena Vista (this day we spotted the food trucks behind the flee markets near Old town – lots of amazing food).
  • Wednesday – Animal Kingdom during the morning and Hollywood Studios during the afternoon – we came back to the hotel at around 10PM.
  • Thursday – Local Shops, Disney Springs and Old-town.
  • Friday – Epcot for the Garden and Flower’s festival (lots of food, great weather, even more walking) during the morning, and late afternoon back to magic kingdom (last day of the trip basically).
  • Saturday – Early check-out, then we spent the morning gift shopping in the nearby shops and a bit of the afternoon in Old Town before returning to Puerto Rico at around 7PM.

We booked at the Royale Parc Suites, amazing place, great location. We enjoyed it a lot. The trip overall was pretty amazing and every single day something neat happened to keep us busy.

When we arrived in orlando, it was almost 5AM and we hadn’t slept anything the night before since the flight was at 1AM. Luckily the hotel gave us breakfast and let us book in early (at around 1PM instead of 5PM), so we crazily and probably sleep talking decided to go to Disney Springs that same day after stopping at a Golden Corral for lunch.

The next days were pure disney fun all the way till the last one. In magic kingdom we managed to catch most of the rides we wanted to see – from small world to splash mountain and hunted mansion. Even the baby rode along. She had her grandmas with her and my mom specifically loves little mermaid so she would grab every oportunity to take her to see little mermaid stuff. My favorite ride is pirates of the caribbean – the whole theme and environment is amazing – this time around I caught the first row of the boat. By the end of the day we ate, walked, stay put for lines, had a few extra fast passes and saw the fireworks all ending with a nice subway meal at the suite (I love UberEats – time saving is my obsession and this I swear was made for me).

We stopped by the florida mall and saw the crayola experience, shopped around the fashion stores and then went around the area to see other stores and food places.

Animal kingdom was super crowded but I managed to catch a fast pass for the Everest ride with my brother while the baby, my wife and our mothers spent the day seeing animals. No avatar sadly, it was too long of a wait and I was not ready to spend 2 hours in a line with a baby. The day we went to animal kingdom we decided to split it to visit hollywood studios as well. Let me tell you, Toys Story land is the cherry of that park. Sure we have starwars stuff and a few neat shows, but the toys story section is pure joy.

The last day of the parks was for epcot, in time for the garden and flowers festival – just so I could eat a lot. We rode the frozen ride and a few other rides (like the mexico one – I love Donald so they tagged along just to keep me happy). There were lots of flower decorations – pretty amazing time to take pictures. We tried to go around the park but by the time we reached France my wife and her mom were too tired and the baby was sleeping in her cart so me my brother and my mom ended up reaching japan after purchasing that snow and cherry/milk snack and turning around to leave for magic kingdom for the rest of the day (everyone super tired, but that didn’t stop us – I managed to get a fast pass for splash mountain at 6PM… some would call that crazy since it was already cold – it was.. don’t plan on doing that again).

Overall we really enjoyed the vacation, but by the time we arrived we really just needed a break from the break. I’ve been swamped with work so I just didn’t feel like I had time for anything else. Days passed by and I didn’t want to write or do anything “fun”.

That changed a few days ago – work has stabilized, disney memories are flying by, and an urge to get out of the house suddenly appeared. I caught a cold after the trip so I was feeling extra tired – BUT I didn’t want that to hold me back so I started preparing for our next break. Turns out I don’t need another break, I just need to enjoy time more.

I decided to do a bit more instead of sticking to the normal routine. For example, I recently bought a kick bike (or a scooter with big wheels if you prefer that term; its called a swifty scooter) to try and get into some odd sport that might keep me interested but not overwhelmed. And I’m in plans of buying a Disney anual pass just to hop back into a plane at least twice a year or for multiple weeks instead of just one. I’m motivated enough to even use the camera I bought for disney and make a few videos or photos of my local area – its supposedly a tourist place but I lost the love for it after living in it so long.

What I learned out of this trip was that I shouldn’t really wait 5 years for a break, and I don’t really have to either. 5+ years since I took a plane and stayed somewhere with the family to enjoy time together. The last time we had a ‘break’ was during Hurricane Maria and I guess that shouldn’t really be counted right?

Seeing how we all enjoyed our vacation, with no worrying of time, money and energy (we did budget correctly though) – I don’t see why we should just get stuck in the routine. I guess we need to fit those enjoyable moments from time to time, and if the schedule doesn’t have space – I’ll just have to make the time.

Written by Abdiel

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