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Entry #1: Counting days for a Family Vacation

As the day starts to slow down, I managed to get a few minutes to just drop a few words here and there – the first blog post is always the hardest. I decided to start blogging again after a long break just to try and get my head out of the routine. Recently I’ve been obsessed with an upcoming vacation – technically it’s for the baby, but… you know. I’m taking my family to the Disney World Resort in Orlando in a week and the planning has been probably more fun than it should be.

We’ve been trying to plan a good week long vacation for years now, but economically we weren’t up for it. Last year I managed to save up enough to buy all of the tickets and reserve a room in Royale Parc Suites, along with a rental and purchase the airline tickets for March – surprisingly it wasn’t more than $3000 for everything and buying everything months ahead of time allowed for a few extra goodies.

I get access to Ticketsatwork.com thanks to my employer, so I had a better deal than most but even with the discounted park prices the amounts wouldn’t have been that big anyway.

We kind of went overboard with getting things for the trip. I think I’ve purchased more clothes and “vacation gagdets” in these last 3 months than the whole 2018 – and that’s not exaggerating.

The list started with the basics… “some shirts” and evolved to:

  • Clothing – New jeans, new shirts, shoes, and even pajamas
  • Spending – Gift cards, magic bands, dedicated credit card
  • Misc – Baggage, travel kits (with shampoo and the like), reviewing maps, new ipad, new camera (360 5k camera, amazing stuff… completely unnecessary)

These have been getting bigger every week. And although an older me might get disapointed at the spending, I can say that the planning has been pleasant. In 2010 this study confirmed that pre-planning was as, if not more, enjoyable than the actual ‘going’ to a vacation and I kind of see how that might be true. Heck, I even started a blog after almost 4 years of no writing. The excuse was “to document the trip”.

Our last vacation, “big” vacation, was almost 6 years ago – we enjoyed it quite a lot, but it was my first time at Disney so I didn’t get to see a lot of what I had planned. This time we’ll be traveling with family that hasn’t left the island in more than 15 years and a baby, it’s going to be interesting and fun to see all of the reactions. Aside from the parks, the shopping, and the entertainment – I’m most excited about the food. We’ll be at the parks just in time for the Garden & Flowers Festival in Epcot, I hope my ‘budget’ for food doesn’t die there.

So yeah, planning at home has been fun, planning at work, however… I’ve been going into overdrive at work, trying to make sure everything is running smoothly for the time I won’t be there. Programs tend to break when the developers aren’t looking – its almost like they are Boos (the ghosts from Mario). This week I managed to finish all of my tasks early, and even start on some that are due After my vacation so I’m looking at some non-chaotic deliverables when I get back.

Part of this is due to a great team environment, I wouldn’t be able to finish all of this if my clients and my leads weren’t as organized as they are. Coming in the next few weeks I’ll talk a bit more about that part of my lifestyle, a programmer’s work is sometimes super dull and other times you can make a whole Sherlock Holmes novel out of the issues. For now, I’m just concentrating on my vacations, Donald Duck, and new foods while coding away my daylight. Its fun though (until the debugger explodes in my face)

Written by Abdiel

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